Why do investment banks reject your applications?

So typically what happens after an interview is the interview leaves the room, and they go back to that desk and you’ll probably be on your way home. Now when they get back to the desk, the person next to them with a colleague probably says, “How was the interview?” How did it go?” At that point, you want to leave such a good impression that they say.  So we all know that if you want to secure enough for an investment bank you need a solid CV or resume you need a solid cover letter you need good interview preparation and practice right. but even if you have all these things the law firms can still reject you.

Stop getting rejected by investment banks

And that can be the most frustrating thing ever, and so today I’m going to tell you exactly what you need to do in order to stop getting rejected by investment banks off that they’ve interviewed you all right. First and foremost, the reason why you’re getting rejected is because you don’t come across as a people person. Now I’m not saying you need to be extremely extroverted to all of us extroverts, and also into this and that’s completely fine. but being a people person means you are okay with meeting new people feel comfortable having conversations and building relationships because all these things come into play with it.

You’re all know, client facing or not you need to build relationships in order to make sure you work with other teams get work done help others get things out to clients climb the corporate ladder. Whatever it may be being a people person helps you navigate the water flow and so if you come across as extremely introverted. Or you know you keep to yourself we are not comfortable building relationships talking to others in an interview for example, and it’s not going to do you, and it’s likely going to prevent you from moving forward on to the next stage even for example if you’re applying for a role that doesn’t require you to work with office.

Important to have people skills

if it’s a solo kind of position where you’re just doing your own thing or you know not a client facing position is too important to have people skills because these things include communication skills interpersonal skills how you know build relationships with your manager and your colleagues seniors who you with these things are important and so it’s important to display your people skills in an interview all right next. Your responses to questions ought to be generic. Oftentimes, you might have done a great application.

You get to the interview then every question you get asked specifically for example the ones that are specific to the organization why do I work for this company why do I work in this division what interests you about this industry why do I work in investment banking instead of in asset management or. Sales and trading vice versa you on says to these questions also generic that anyone can use them and if that’s the case then it doesn’t really make you stand out and good on says a good answer for these questions would be very very specific to you as an individual and you kind of paint that picture up in the story as to why you have ended up in the sea.

Each interview question, the better

so the more specific your responses ought to each interview question the better just all she self penned this response I’m giving be applied by the next candidate if I can and is this generic standard response if it con because there’s something unique that’s a unique element about it that ties specifically to you and it’s a good response that isn’t considered generic when you’re preparing for interview questions really dig deep into the reasoning behind your motivations for applying for the role behind your motivation for you know choosing this give an industry firm division rolled at central and really think about your responses.

and don’t ever give like Hoff politics response all right the next reason why interviewers are rejecting you also they meet you is because you don’t have any opinions is important for you to be opinionated and generate your own views and opinions because investment banks want employees who can think for themselves as opposed to just falling behind and disagreeing with what I’ve run out so the rest of the group is saying or thinking this is especially important for front office roles whereas on the trading floor and market slow in corporate finance in asset management because a lot of the work is tied to what’s going on in the global market.

What’s going on in the global market.

What’s going on in the geopolitical landscape and for that reason it’s important that you come across well the last well-informed and well-read on such topics. For example, you don’t want to just know what’s going on in the world. All I don’t know, expertise and technology companies acquisitions you want to have an opinion.

I don’t know, a long-term view on what you think how you think and if he’s all going to perform over the next 5 or 10 years is a hype. Would you think actually this is some new concept that is going to take the market by storm, and it’s going to grow and have a huge impact on exquisite industries and sectors 5 or 10 years?

Another reason why opinions and viewpoints are important is because they spark conversations if you just say yeah read something about this blah blah blah and that’s it you just state what you read that’s boring if you say I read something about exercise and put my foot ABC. and then you can say what you focus on this and then you spoke a conversation that’s a good way to assess if you interview going well if you can have a conversation with the person you’re just stating facts that’s boring have an opinion have the view point build on that spot to make a conversation out of nothing simple another simple way to do this is to get more involved in the market.

A double edged sword

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Current data landscape

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you know as a hobby they’ve got total copilot so hit the link in the video description below and you can find out more about them definitely do check them out now let’s get back to the video so having lots to talk about on your CV is always recommended and it’s always a good thing right all through it’s best to have more on your CV to talk about then nothing on your CV to talk about however be careful what you put on your CV and be extremely selective of the things that you put on your CV now the main reason for this is if you put too much on your CV to many different interests to many different extracurricular activities.

CV is focused on experience

Then it can come across a bit scattered and it can kind of look like you don’t know what you want to do which is fine but it’s not as focused as maybe a candidate whose CV is purely focused on experience related to the role you’re applying to its important to know what you want to do to a certain extent but be careful not to confuse the reader of your CV or the insecure and this case by having so much random stuff on your CV that shows them all gives the impression that you’re a bit confused and scattered fifth reason why you are getting rejected after being interviewed by investments I mean that really matters in order to secure an awful from an investment bank.

If you don’t stand out enough you need to stand out compared with the other candidates. Of the rule, if 1000 people are applying for a role that you enter into being full and only one person is going to get the role of that person needs to stand out for the right reasons. so you’re not doing enough in the interview to stand out and even the impression on the inside you off that they leave that meeting. So typically what happens after an interview is the inside. You leave the room and they go back to that desk and you’ll probably be on your way home now when they get back to the desk person next to them.

Leave such a good impression

With their colleagues probably says hello how was the interview how did it go? At that point, you want to leave such a good impression that they say. That person that just so whoever the name it has been extremely impressive like I think they’re a front-runner for this interview for the seat they performed really well in the interview consider the questions perfect had a good conversation felt less comfortable chat blah blah blah blah blah you want them to praise you to anyone they talk about because you smashed the interview, and you left such a positive impression that’s easy to say you want to stand out.

and you need to leave a positive impression how exactly do you do that you do this by not only on during every single question forcefully and very well it’s imperative to build a rapport with the person interviewing you the more comfortable you can make them in the interview the best side is going to be for you so build a full ask very good questions about themselves about the film about the industry about the markets and make them feel comfortable in your presence if I go to an interview and I’m interviewing a candidate and then they make me feel super comfortable.

Informal conversation with the candidates

way I feel that this is an even an interview no more it’s just a casual conversation an informal conversation with the candidates I feel comfortable with them they feel comfortable with me which is having a nice little 5 talking I’m getting to know them Austin the more the relevant questions they’re asking it very well and I leave thinking that was a good conversation this person is suitable for the world they seem cool it seems like they’ll fit in with the team cultural fit is very important as well and then I leave with a positive impression what happens in between and very what you want to start off on a high.

first impressions count a lot and you want to end on a high because that’s the last impression that’s the last thing you need the interview with all right last but not least look and act the part how you carry yourself is very important because that’s how people will perceive you but more importantly when you first go into an interview you don’t want to look scruffy you don’t want your ship quality on full little looking messy you’re right and that’s how you want it to be well done you don’t want to have a fun loose you don’t wanna you know just look scruffy and the reason for that is you know.

Representing your team

even if it’s a team that doesn’t even faze clients you are representing your team you’re representing your manager no manager is going to want to hire someone who scruffy but it makes the team look bad it makes them look bad so very important to know nobody cares about. And with the design is that you’ll close off from and so what’s more important is if it fits well and if it’s nice and clean so you want to wear a creature at you in a way I can see it needs to be nice impressed almost imposing the fifth now fit is very important because if clothes fit you well do make you feel comfortable.

if you feel comfortable you feel more confident if you feel more confident naturally you carry yourself better and you’re more likely to perform better in the interview it just means there’s one less thing to worry about and into you don’t want to be in an interview and think oh **** my first day of the looking at that mark on my show no my plays doesn’t match my tie is tied to powerful these things you don’t want to think about them because when you’re thinking about them it’s not going to let you perform to the best of your ability in the interview.

Get the basics

So get the basics right get a nice fitted outfit simple.colors tend to go well don’t let black when navy with a white shirt or something like that that was closed down well in the interview oftentimes some of the best candidates let themselves down because they over did it in terms of dress code they were too loud or they ended up too messy and it just didn’t look presentable so be presentable when you’ve entered into you’ll be surprised how many people get this one wrong.

but it plays a big part if you can’t get yourself right for the interview in terms of presence ability how can a person take you to client meetings for example so treat it like a client meeting or pitch or something but not let me know what you’re struggling with down below in terms of securing office interviews what you can’t seem to get right.

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