What is the best cryptocurrency to invest in 2022?

If you watch my video last month you’re probably jumping up and down right now because all the coins I mentioned well they’re all big was up 74 percent B. and B. is a 40 percent Cardano is up 38 percent this is all thanks to a simple strategy that I laid out for you guys in that 1 blog but don’t worry if you didn’t watch my blog last month that’s okay because you’re watching this 1, and today I’m going to save you from losing money what I mean by this is. I don’t think you should necessarily be buying crypto right now what not buying crypto yes but hear me out you should have been buying this past month.

What crypto is getting crushed, but a lot of you guys are new. So I don’t blame you I’m just kidding now I know this is the top points video I talk about the top point that you guys should buy this upcoming month, but this video is going to be a little different because I want to talk about something that no 1 is talking about that’s critical cycles. Because this is a very important topic for you guys to know because if you don’t. you could end up losing a lot of money and of course he avoids going to share those jobs you guys could buy at the end of the blog.

Financing crypto

I probably mentioned this 100 times already, but you have to understand crypto has cycles right now we’re in a trap C. cripple cycles repeat themselves every single time, and it’s the people that can understand the cycles they’ll end up making the most money in crypto so let me show you what I mean by this if we look at bitcoin back in 2017 the price was hovering around 3 to $5000 then we shot all the way up to 20000 foot right after we hit that all-time high we came right back down and this is what we bounce around a lot. you start at 9000 only popped up to 11000 then about a month later we came back down 6000 back up to 10000 a month.

and these are what I like to call home fakes think of fake bull runs rallies they get people excited, but then the prices go right back down. and this is the same thing that’s happening the markets right now where in the cycle of pump fakes and specifically right now at the time of this recording I. I think we’re at the top of this pump fake because for the past few weeks crypto has been a lot and I think in the near future we’re going to see the prices fall right back down and I personally think this is going to be like this for a while with these ups and downs until we start the next. will run over until we get mass institutional money an adoption coming into crypto.

Asset’s actual value by buying power

Which I hope is very soon. Also, 1 thing we should all be taken into consideration right now. is the M. 2 money supply which is essentially a tracker of an asset’s actual value by buying power. Now I know that’s a mouthful so let me explain what this means in baby terms okay. So you know how we’ve had all this money printing inflation these past 2 years with covert well because of this your buying power has gone down a lot because there’s so much more money in the system making your actual dollars worth less. That was a simple example of all this would be letting’s say you have $10 2 years ago you want the grocery store, and you would be able to buy 2 pineapples with it today.

If you go to the grocery store with all this inflation your $10 my only get you 1 pineapple. that would sell $10, but that was worth less because there are more dollars in circulation thank you the value of that dollar decrease and as trillions and trillions of dollars have gone printed and poured back into our economy over the past 2 years. this is exactly what’s happened everyone’s buying powers went down in asset prices like crypto stocks and real estate.

why not so the M. 2 char is a way to strip out all that money printing. in to see what the actual value of an asset is the finest inflation minus all the money printing so when we look at the M. 2 money supply char and I know this is looking at the S. and P. 500 index chart but tripped on the issue I have with pretty closely toward another recently.

It’s pretty much the same comparison,

but you see this huge drop in 2020 and this is obviously what Corbett head in the markets went crazy but look at this we were covered. yes but look how far we fall back down this is the part people are missing everyone is saying that we fully recovered to pre covert levels and yes that’s the case when you look at the regular chart but only take into account your actual buying power inflation everyone’s wrong. because based on this chart technically were only 11 percent higher from a cold with lows which is. Nothing all right real quick break for the blog.

now I know a lot of you guys are into trading or want to start trading so I highly suggest you guys looking into looks. although now it’s an algorithm that tells you exactly when to buy and sell stocks crypto forex whatever you want now I’ve been using them for it I think a little over 2 years now and it’s honestly a game changer they have so many special indicators that you guys can use to make your trades godly now I’ve talked about them plenty of times in previous blog but if you guys want solid real signals are actually correct that tell you exactly when to buy and sell you guys have to take a look. so I’ll go I’ll be willing to you guys can check out dasha mark’s book but that’s it for this short break back to the blog.

Buying little bits at a time

now you might be asking yourself force if you’re saying not to buy right now. how can we make money well that’s a great question and that’s by following the oldest trick in the book which is dollar cost average which is basically buying little bits at a time as prices go down doing this will stop you from putting large amounts of money in at 1 single price, because if the price as of going down well you’re screwed.

Brings down your overall risk

But if you put in smaller amounts at different price points that brings down your overall risk. right now what I’m doing is looking at projects that I like so avalanche salon I’ll grant and watching them closely and waiting for the prices to go down and start buying them up again because buying them at the prices they are right now I just don’t feel like it’s worth it because I really think the price will go right back down and for those of you that like to be risky with their investments. and by small cap coins I’d still be patient and hold off on buying until we see a clear bitcoin bull trend because if we look back at 2021.

The price of bitcoin just start taking off coins like sandbox were pretty much worth nothing at the time it took almost 3 months for the prices to go up. and that’s usually how the money flows to crypto goes from big point to large caps and mid-caps and all the way down to locate courts so in order for me to start getting into the small cap coins and feel comfortable doing. So I’m going to have to see a nice ball around from the queen starting so if we saw bitcoin go to like $40000. then I start looking into the small cap coins many like gaming about our risk points because I think they have the most potential to make people millions and. 

Who doesn’t want to become a millionaire?

No matter which way the market is going whether it’s up or down a lot you have to have a plan. you want to be reacting on the fly because if you do, this will bring a lot of emotions and your decision and if you know anything about vesting the more emotions you have the more irrational decisions you end up making so let me share with you the plan that I have in case the prices go up a lot because everyone already knows what to do with the prices go down hopefully for now. I’m going to keep buying the large cap coins as prices continue to fall coins like salon python L. Grandin if somehow we see the market turned 12 or one in bitcoin starts taking off.

I’m going to stop by these large cap coins to start picking up mid to small cap coins because we know from the previous chart money in crypto flows down. because having the beginner’s advantage will make the biggest difference, and I’m especially going to be looking into gaming coins if or I should say when the market turns because the courts in this category are down like 95 percent and I think the gaming sector of crypto right now is extremely undervalued and it also has the most potential to make us a lot of money. but I’m not going to take this risk I’m told the market turns because a lot of these projects are burning money fast to play for employees and if the market will start to turn quickly.

New gaming projects

He simply won’t have enough money to cover other costs you will end up dying with that being said though some gaming projects. I’m looking at bitcoin does reverse and start to take office unified up front because this coin is going to be big now it’s an incubator and launch pad for blockchain games and gamers it’s pretty much a cooling easy way for average people like me you to get in on these new gaming projects without having to be a V. C. or have millions of dollars now our works is there going to be these polls they’ll have games that haven’t been listed yet on exchanges that you can invest in our own. a certain percentage of the company exactly like what a VC do they invest a certain amount of money to this company to give us like 10 percent equity.

Once this company gets more funding goes to the public or gets bought out, venture capitalists get a big payout. That’s the power we get with you to find. With many seeing VC’s as robbers in the crypto space, I think this project will get a lot of attention in the future. In another corner, I have my eye on is gallon of this our pride. Acting to give the actual players of the video game control of what gets developed because you know how everyone complains about cod never being updated as fast as 4 night. and how they have the same map for like 3 years. Well, with Gala, you have an N. F. T. and you can vote on changes and if there’s a majority.

Developed and implemented in the game

They’ll get developed and implemented in the game and I really like this idea because who knows the most about video games, the gamers. and giving them the control feels like the right thing to do. Because of this, I think you’ll attract a lot of gamers onto their platform now. On the other hand, if the queen doesn’t go Inspired, and it just keeps popping up in down in trading sideways like you did back in 2018. I’m just going to continue to invest at the lows in DCA into my large cap coins and played a long-term gain.

Now whether you’re following me in using the plan that I’m doing are you come up with your own plan. just make sure you have a plan because trust me you think you’re making the right decision at the moment but in reality you are not a plus. What’s wrong with being 1 step ahead? But right now like I said I’m being patient and not buying as much because I think the prices are up a lot. and will most likely come back down because history always repeats itself especially with crypto.

but in the I. chance it doesn’t like I said we have the perfect plan of what to do. but that’s all I have for you guys today if you’re interested in buying crypto ISIS account corporate account they have all the top because you guys would ever like to buy so if you guys are interested I’ll be willing to downshift remarks below but as always I hope you guys have a great rest of your day, and I’ll see you guys next week’s blog piece.

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