What does it take to be a good salesman?

There are 2 different types of cells people they’re all the ones that will don’t know really what they’re doing is they’re gonna be living paycheck to paycheck the all the type of sales person is knocking it out of the pocket it could be any dispensed 0 in just a few years time what separates the 2 well it turns out she’s 5 simple strategies yeah 5 simple strategies on those 5 trustees also surprisingly are exactly what we’ll talk about it today’s. Hi my name is will and I make selling simple now today’s video would cover the 5 simple strategies that are going to love you to become the best sales person that you can be first off we look at redefining your sales process that we’re going to cultivate the right mind set for you then we’re going to simplify simplify and then freaking simplify next we’re gonna help you not fall for this major sales mix I finally would help you follow the mental rule so without are you ready to hit it let’s jump right now maybe my favorite thing about being in sales is that your earning potential is directly tied to your ability to close deals in the market place if you kick out so what you do in the market you can very literally make millions in this career there are numerous people inside cells made simple academy which if I’d ever sells and all go to the link below this video to any $0 commission checks every single year and have been doing it for multiple years now both of you know so great sales it can be pretty tough to make a decent living and if you find yourself in that the lots of these 2 camps don’t worry all hope is not lost there are some very simple changes that you can make to massively massively boost your chances of sales success and today we’re gonna talk about 5 of the most important changes that you need to make that we’ve reset dates on the back of having trained over 2000 sales people inside Saddam it’s implicated me now so listen up stay tuned and get ready to take your sales skills to the next level so stretchy number one might be the most important because it deals with your sales process you’re going to have a simple sales process do you feel overwhelmed every day you feel lost do you feel like you’re working your **** writes off but you never really going anywhere well it’s probably because you don’t have an effective and defined sales process now could well winning sales process looks like in previous videos that will link below this one just as a quick over. View your sales process should look a little something like this first off you gotta understand your market you never gonna get anyway in your industry you do understand your bias and how your solution solves the issues and you gotta be able to communicate this value by holding your value proposition and Taylor gets to your ideal bye you’ve also got to understand your body is Jenny and you must also nailed down the numbers sales is a numbers game people don’t like to hear these people think it’s an an art to a skill it’s not sales is just numbers and the better you are tracking I’m playing those numbers in your favor improving conversion points from one step to the formal to the next increasing more leads at the top of the pipeline to get more sales on the more money you can make so the first part the self process next you got a bill to get in front of bias so let me ask you this if I had to put you on the spot you have to give me a list of one to 10 of these different methods what methods are you using to get in touch with your prospects is this defined is this scalable do know that it’s effective all are you just throwing you out reach into the ether and hoping someone gets back to you because you are we should just include cold email cold calling at this point in time it should probably include some social selling on platforms like linkedin if your prospects a day you should also probably include some personal branding and some light content creation to build your reputation within your industry as well you also need to fine tune your sales cadence all of these touch points put together in a sequenced programmable step by step process so that you both reaching out to buys exactly the right time to they want to make a purchase and if you timing slightly off you keeping them interested until they’re ready to make that purchasing decisions not understanding the market that is getting from the buys the next step is explaining your value because even the very best outreach campaigns in the world won’t do a thing if you call the fact of the communicate your product’s value once you’ve connected with the prospect this means mastering your discovery call. All delivering effective demos all up selling and closing like a pro and knowing how to take over a competitor accounts because that might make cook 30 to 80 percent off the market sure that’s available to you so you must have a defined sales process each of those steps I just run for not leads us neatly into sales strategy number 2 you must become a master implements because knowing how to sell mustering Evan I just described the previous step doesn’t mean anything if you con employment hi performance without a shadow of a doubt every single time all nasty. They have the skills the mines on the traits needed skills not just today but for weeks months quarters and years day in day out and if you don’t cultivate these traits yourself welcome to the real tough to have success long term in sales so without said he wondered if you have the traits of sales success why not take all sales code assessment link below takes 5 minutes to complete it’s absolutely free I will tell you the date to live you have one too all all 15 all the traits of high performing salespeople again it’s completely free takes 5 days to complete click the link below this video get your own sales code assessment results today now stretching number 3 is one of my absolute favorites because it’s all about maximizing your efficiency you how do you how do you simplify everything why is this will is because humans are naturally drawn to the path of least resistance but for some reason we never apply this to our own sales process that means that most salespeople 90 maybe even 95 cells people working way way harder than what they need to be so instead of only thought truck find the 20 percent of your sales process yourself activities the delivery 80 percent of the results when you understand what’s working for you colt the rest of it Kohli get rid of it let me show you what I mean so if the majority of your sales leads coming from just one channel don’t look down on that channel and ignore all of the owners if 2 of your emails and your 30 day sales cadence lead to more calls booked than anything else get rid of all the all the steps all of the over emails the mall the simplified approaches the ball the focus on making selling simple right hold messaging the whole point of all content product training everything that we do the more time you spend on closing deals bringing in revenue bringing in more and that’s a prospect and bring you know the big fat commission checks because that’s what I’m here for that’s what I want to help you achieve okay that. Chance of making something simple over at the next city I had stopped earlier on is one the address is a major myth they continually wholesale trip back for cheating kill numbers I’m crushing the quotas month after month when it’s cold the 20 mile March now does this sound like you last month you can get the world might come to your numbers well this month you behind your way behind C. make up for this dip by hitting it hard your prospects like crazy you sending hundreds of emails a day and your call calling so much the reason start to head the phone being pressed to get you had for so long well you find each month is a new bottles and sells a roller coaster results and then crashing depression an old person down to never seems to stop does that sound familiar if so don’t worry we’ve all been that I need to take a terrible experience so good for you your mental health your sales manager is mental health all the revenue of the company that you represent the truth of the matter here is the sales doesn’t have to be like that the full sales people that’s a bit of a shock instead you can follow what’s known as the 20 mile March concept this concept created by business office Jim Collins in Malton Hudson said his own consistency in the book from good to great they found that the leading enterprises the company’s form 10 times better than the competition valued consistency above basically anything else and the more consistent you can be in sales think about this prospecting every single day from 8 to 10 rather than doing one prospecting day a week the more success you’re going to have the secret for long term sales success isn’t innovation or creativity or flexibility it’s consistency fanatic consistency and if you can develop his own way ring discipline yoga and 10 times more than what you thought was possible in this business all right now finally the sales success strategy number 5 or 8 to keep to one man’s soul out of time now. I used to read countless books he’s read 20 percent of the way through 5 different courses and have a bunch of unofficial mental’s the I’ve listened to on a podcast and trainings in an old you CD’s every single day and what got me was just a mess right no real system a bunch of conflicting ideas and a real headache of course no real results so instead of doing that we to learn from my mistake and just stick with one mental or trainer at a time you don’t have to do every single sale strategy out once if you do you could end up confused you know stop procrastinating you know gonna know what works and what doesn’t you’re going to be exhausted and you don’t have to work with was a salesman to oak book we need to treat this very specifically and also to make simple academy training you can assign of your leverage all tools are gonna follow a step by step frameworks and systems and unique get real all inclusive mentoring with me directly all in one place I know conflicted ideas bouncing around your head from from this idea to.to this thing the grass is always greener on the other side we try to do prospecting but the reality is you stick to one thing refine it simplify it honest on what works you could have way more success without wall method rather than detailing with 25 different ones all students love it and you’ll probably love it as well so if you want to implement these 5 strategies that we talked about in this video in a step by step Lydia process with mentoring for me personally I’m the salesman to all team just head of the salesman to oak could be cut to people in a book called a team will tell you for a good fit to work together or not at the very least you can get some great sales advice on the call with our sales strategies that we go I hope you enjoyed this video some value from this if you did want to click the video on the screen right now continue making selling simple.

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