Is Mexico cracking down on digital nomads?

The cost of living as a digital nomad depends a lot on where you are. In this blog, I’m going to break down my cost of living as a digital nomad right here in Mexico. I’ve spent nearly 6 months of the year in this beautiful country. So I have a good idea of what it costs to live here. I talk a lot about social media and branding right here on this channel. Travel is a newer topic for me, but as a digital nomad, it’s something I look forward to sharing with you if these topics interest.

Adventures on Instagram as a digital nomad

A question comes from Danny who asks Hey there, feel I see you travelling all over the place. And I was just wondering what is the cost to be able to go on these trips and the follow-up what makes it worth to visit all these amazing places. That is a great question Danny, I appreciate you asking, and I appreciate you also following along my adventures on Instagram. As a digital nomad, I don’t stay in one place very long. In fact, in the last 3 years I’ve lived in Mexico which we’re talking about today: Brazil, Colombia, Peru, Spain, France, Morocco, South Africa, Sweden, and that’s just the last 3 years.

Technically, I have a house which makes me less qualified as a digital nomad, but I’ve only been to this house for 5 times Phil Palin. House In this house I have a closet where I log on my belongings, but the really important stuff travels with me in just 8 checked pieces of luggage or my backpack. Today we’re talking about the cost of living, specifically as a digital nomad here in Mexico. And I’m going to break it into 6 categories: accommodation, business, health, transportation, food, and fun if you’re wondering about what job I have that enables me to travel and work all around the world.

Brand strategist

I am a brand strategist, which means I help people and companies position build and promote their brands. People really care where I am in the world as long as I hit my deadlines, so as long as I keep my clients happy, I can be anywhere I want. As long as there’s a good internet connection, let’s start with accommodation, and this is going to be your biggest expense. It’s going to depend a lot on where you are. I stayed in Mexico City played out Carmen Cancun Merida part of Iraq and right now I mean I was supposed to be in San Miguel de Allende.

However, it’s the strictest district right now on self-quarantining, and they’re not allowing tourists to be their only residents. So I’m in Kabul. My personal budget for accommodation anywhere I travel is to keep it between 1012. $8 which is significantly less than how much I used to spend on rent living in Los Angeles. Now, I know that you don’t have to spend that much. I spend a little bit more to be central to have some good amenities sometimes like a pole. If you look hard you could probably find something for 900 maybe $600. I am not a hostile person, so I avoid any type of accommodation where there’s going to be a lot of people.

Type of accommodation

I know from traveling all around the world that the price really varies based on location. Right now we’re talking about Mexico, but for example it’s very hard to find something in a place like Stockholm, Sweden. For less than $2000 here in Mexico you can find a great place for $900. I tend to spend a little bit more, and I’ll show you what my apartment looks like. I absolutely love this apartment normally rents for about 110 per night and I book most of my accommodations on Airbnb. What I normally try to do is stay in place for longer than a week, longer than a month.

 Any hopes will give you a discount the longer because we all spent about 6 weeks here, and it’s during the pandemic, so a lot of people are traveling. I was able to get this far. So we talked about a combination. Now let’s talk about business in this category, including internet, cell phone, co working or office space. In my case, and in many cases when I book on Airbnb the internet is obviously included in the accommodation fees. But let me tell you if I had to choose, one of the biggest challenges as a digital nomad that I have faced, is getting good internet in places all around the world.

My advice

My advice is to always check and actually message the host before you book a place to confirm the internet speed. I even recommend asking them for a screenshot from a website like speed test, so you know exactly what you’re getting into. Just because you tell them the internet is important to you doesn’t mean they’ll necessarily understand it. Right, not everyone thinks or understands the necessity as a digital nomad to be able to connect. So I always recommend checking this before you click the book button. Here in Kabul, we had some challenges within the first few days, but our host was amazing. She helped us upgrade to fiber optic and our internet speed is incredible.

And I kind of never want to leave when it comes to your cell phone. People do this a little bit differently. You can either pick up a local SIM card wherever you are for about 10 or $20 or if you’re like me and based in the US I used T. Mobile. I absolutely love T. Mobile because they give you international data out with out a daily surcharge so I basically just land in a brand new country and my phone works automatically. Your speeds are going to be less than if you are home in the U. S. except for Canada and Mexico but even though the speeds are less it’s still worth it and it saves a lot on household if you’re traveling solo you might want to think about joining a coworking space.

A coworking space

If there’s one near you and it’s convenient I work from co working spaces like WeWork from places line Paris London LA New York Bogota and all kinds of places around the world but sometimes it’s not. Nice to have familiarity with fast internet connection and people around you working to motivate you. Co working in South America or Latin America. Can be anywhere from 150 to 200 $250 a month in other cities that are bigger and more expensive, like London, Paris and New York. You can be anywhere from 45 $600 a month. We talked about business now let’s talk about health. 1 of the reasons I try to stay in 1 place for at least a month or 2 is because Jim states operate often by having memberships at minimum 1 month.

And this is a good indicator that I can get into a bit more of a routine and allow for a few days to get settled or to get packed for my next destination. The more I traveled, the more work outside. Yes, this is at least what I have found so I tried to choose my accommodation where I also know that I have access to a gym or something to get my workouts in. Not that I’m the beaming example of fitness. By the way, if you’re in Mexico you can pay anywhere from $102030 a month right up to significantly more if you’re looking for more 1 on 1 personal training. Now let’s talk about transportation, and I don’t have a lot to contribute to this topic other than to say that I


In fact, I don’t even have my driver’s licence, so I’d take over any time I need to get somewhere that I can’t walk. Finally, over is very expensive in some countries like the Netherlands Japan or Finland. Luckily Mexico is not 1 of those countries. Now you’re not going to find uber in every single city in this country but the main ones that you’re thinking of travelling to. I’m pretty sure they’re going to happen. I checked in this month, I haven’t spent even close to $50 for the month in Hoover.

I would estimate in months from travelling more bite over it might be $100 Max now let’s talk about food and this is going to depend a lot on your style since joining combo which is not really a hot spot for digital nomads I am enjoying the comforts of home access to things like Walmart and Costco I’m doing a lot more cook. 

King at home and buying in bulk and not is different from, for example, when I’m staying in Mexico City and have close access to restaurants and street food. 1 of the best parts about being in Mexico or if you’re in a city is street tacos straight from the straight. Honestly, I think a lot of times food is better from the street, and it is from a restaurant. You can get a taco for as low as, 101520 pesos which is about $1 or less. I spend about maybe $300 a month on food, sometimes a little more because I like to drink wine.

Spent a lot of money

So the final category is fine and this I’ve not spent a lot of money on lately because given that we’re all self-quarantining there’s not a lot to do with hikes cooking classes, tours. There are all kinds of amazing things you can do in this country and also party specific to Mexico. The cost isn’t always significantly lower than you might be used to employees like the U.S., particularly in places where Americans go on vacation. The prices are close to how they are at home, in fact some places like COBOL are to loom actually at ATMs in U. S. dollars. Which I find really annoying. That being said, you want to make sure you get to visit at least a handful of cities while you’re here because they’re really all different and amazing.

Let’s tally it up: accommodation, business, health, transportation, food and fun. So here’s roughly the total for me per month. Now I want to hear from you. If you’re a digital nomad tell us a little bit about you maybe in a sentence or 2 and where are you thinking of going next to Mexico. If you want more for me, I will share some videos that I think you’ll find interesting next and if you enjoyed this blog I would super appreciate it comes up. Thanks so much for hanging out with me today, I appreciate it and those videos I said I would share those are coming up next.

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