How to invest in property/real estate as a digital nomad

Welcome to branded content, we give quick tips on how to build a travel life. Let’s talk about how to find amazing. Do you don’t know my accommodations around the world for the best price possible on Airbnb? There are hostiles in guest houses the answer is no, well at least for most people. Here are the pros and cons for each option. At the end, we’ll share our favorite way to find places to live past determines it’s go let’s go. 

First option is hostiles.

Now don’t get me wrong we love hostels. They’re an awesome place to travel cheaply and make friends when you’re backpacking but when you become a digital nomad things change and holsters are not the best place to get work done. In hostels you’re surrounded by regular travelers who are there to have fun not to work there are rarely comfortable work areas and even if you are you have to use headphones to block out the hustle and bustle of the hostel which makes you look like an anti social believe I’m going to get more anyways because everyone is going to be a partner Ronnie.

you are you going to be sitting by a computer not fun as additional my whole stills might not be your cheapest option anymore this will depend on where you are in the world but for example let’s say you pay $12 a night for a shared dormitory room and that would come out to $360 per month that’s the same price we paid for an epic furnished apartment in Bangkok complete with an infinity pool gym and a sweet work area on the fiftieth floor and had a view of the entire city if you don’t mind check out this video that we made of a tour we still like visiting hostels sometimes just to get our fix of social life but it’s not a very good permanent digital nomad strategy.

Hotels and guesthouses

Okay so your next option is hotels and guesthouses these can actually be alright for shorter stays especially if your hand countries with cheaper hotels like in Colombia you can get a four 15 or $20 but they’re usually not a good long term solution for digital nomads there is no social life there is no key tune in for the same price you can even get an Airbnb which is cozier and more comfortable for regular life but we’re not saying that Airbnb is the best option the stock about that let’s talk about here we’ve actually used Airbnb a lot especially in the past.

but nowadays it seems like everything is getting more expensive and it’s no longer the best option for most people sure you can get this call is for longer stays but there is still usually alter price compared to the next option that said if you’re less worried about budget and more worried about convenience Airbnb. 


Can still be a really cool option for one is backed by a huge company and so if you have any issues you can call them and get things figured out and fixed whereas some other options you don’t have that type of backup is also super convenient to have your plans before you arrive everything is organized together on one platform you can read reviews of other people who stayed you can read things in English whereas on some other sites it might be on a different language and so it is pretty good for convenience’s sake but if you want to make your pennies last as long as possible.

It’s not the best option hi guys now for the good stuff before we get into a free unique housing option here are some different ways you can get the best prices for normal vision on where the combination we’re not huge fines off Facebook but in this case could be used here’s what you do you choose your destination and then you look up Facebook groups expect groups for that destination digital nama group’s short term rental groups and you join all those groups you can browse through and see if anyone’s renting furnished apartments on Facebook and if you can’t find any good ones you can just publish your own post saying what you’re looking for what your budget is and usually people answered with a bunch of different options for you.

Facebook marketplace

and if that doesn’t work you can still go to Facebook marketplace a search for the place that you’re looking for now sometimes these might be in a different language but the handy part of Facebook is that it can translate it and so you can still see what they’re saying a lot of times locals will post on marketplace or in these different groups because it’s way cheaper than using Airbnb because they charge tons of fees and everything B.

That means cheaper prices for you now for the absolute cheapest way which is a very adventurous way. Another time-consuming way is to book a hostel in the area that you’re interested in for just a couple of days and as soon as you get there go out walking around the area looking I’m thought for places to rent another. As I was sweet works better in areas that are popular with digital moments yeah for example we did this in Chiang Mai Thailand we went around like 10 places and then we found a very cheap fungal option but managed to this mother is you get to know the neighborhood.

Transportation options in the area

to get to know the transportation options in the area of the restaurant and you get a better feel before you commit long term to a place one thing to remember in none of these options is that the longest day the cheaper is going to be for you right if you calculated on a per night basis if you do a month long stay.

it’s only going to cost a fraction of say a week stay and if you’re willing to do like a 6 month contract or something it could be way less than we pay for a month’s day like I think and J. Meyer in some places we saw places that were like up to 50 percent less per month if you had a longer contract okay the last option is for all you’re looking for free accommodation and bodies.

Get free housing

 How seating house sitting is basically a way to get free housing around the world sometimes in a really awesome places in exchange for looking after the house and usually some pets as well we have met some people who have trouble around the world for years without paying a cent can you believe that god is usually the most difficult part of this strategy is finding your first game getting hired with no experience and we made a blog on how we found our first person housing assignment.

which willing to here in case you’re interested will also link to our favorite place to find housing opportunities below in the description finding affordable accommodation it’s a super important part though if you do the moment budget but there’s a bunch of other factors the budgeting that most nomads forget about check out this video next to learn how to create a bullet proof digital Ahmed budget for your next adventure. I live.

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