Difference between Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash? 2022

Hi guys welcome back this week we will be talking about bitcoin SP we do not have financial advice it’s just for traditional and entertainment purposes only so please do your own research on all the things I mentioned in the description box below without further ado let’s get into it. All right so this is the website of bit going as we. you can access it by going to bed quietly as we.com is a global infrastructure with unbounded efficiency so here you can have access to 5 scalable destructive environmentally efficient ecosystems they have 1500 double as opposed to 65 apps 11 plus wallets 10000 P. X. per second on my need.

Coin market cap

number 1 at coin market cap and 350 plus companies it is not just the fastest blockchain bitcoin as it is the fastest public lecture which has the capability to support over 50000 transactions per second but that’s not all it is powered by bitcoin scripting each transaction can be a smart contract a cryptographic Klay secure token R. and N. F. T. the possibilities uses and benefits are truly limitless bitcoin S. we are also a green technology so they focus on CO 2 efficiency per transaction and I’ll close all the competition blockchain ongoing carbon caps since its inception and why mentally this platform is directly competing with weeds out.

which is 1 of the world’s most used to be a network yet bitcoin SB does and about a lot more than we thought bitcoin as we have still the big gone back to its purest form it has locked its protocol in store has been keeping the key economic systems and functionality described in the white paper why combining the technology and allowing thousands of enterprises and developers to see if we build on it the key features of this network is stock in support T. X. throughput blocksize instant transactions nets the NFT support which on chain auditing on gene storage and so much more with big goin you consent as little as 0. multiple zeros $1.

Peer-to-peer payments

anywhere around the world instantly they do provide access to peer-to-peer payments so you can please send money to them. Recchi without the need for any expensive put bodies they have next-generation entities so they offer the lowest fees for energy trading while enabling the largest end of T. 5 sizes when it comes to data integrity it will allow anybody to verify and certify data and the actions performed in that you can create documents content that cannot be changed in any way they enable secure warding which will increase accountability transparency and accuracy of the content.

we have unlockable content you can create content and communication that can only be accessed by those who wish or those who pay they have smart contracts so you can automate the execution of agreements was a plea to all bodies without any intermediary they are regulation friendly as well so because it has been designed from the one to be 0 percent regulation friendly when it comes to technology they do have micropayments which I use to create a very efficient online revenue model and chest fraction of a penny when it comes to bitcoin bit corn is a global phenomenon.

Digital money

if you don’t know which is more like digital money it can be used to transfer money from one wallet to another at a faster speed and lower transaction speed it gone essentially as a decentralized ledger it’s a network of non stacked track bridges transactions without relying on put bodies so bitcoin S. it. we are committed to and once the bitcoin protocol why do hearing to the definitions of Satoshi Nakamoto’s original white paper here is the demo off bitcoin S. we so you can try it out because it is not only the most scalable blockchain but also one of the cheapest transaction fees of any public proof of work blockchain right now.

so for instance over here you can select your media files and then you can put your meeting details so we’ll put that as an F. T. one test one you put a description of what your total supply will but that S. 200 I’m a black 2000 for now and then a quick mean to your fullest NFT and for the token supply. You’ll put that S. Dan and then you’ll click means you’re forced NFT over here you can see the little demo that sees that they are NFT is minted and we have transaction ID took an ID you can also click view on Jan so this was just a little demonstration to show you how that works bitcoin.

Open protocol blockchain

The sweet token is an open protocol blockchain so essentially a token is a digital record of ownership of the bitcoin S. suite that will be used to manage the smart contract so specifically it is a digital ledger entries back recalled the ownership right off a certain and tidy for a given asset each company out they would have their own freedom so that they can make their own NFT and bitcoin S. we would support a variety of token protocol so that they can meet all the demands you have a run network which is a platform where you can build apps and do couldn’t on bitcoin developers so they can create applications using interactive objects.

which is known as cheeks would allow you to build anything that you can dream also whether it’s still going contracts outlook elections games digital bags and so much more to run with support for object-oriented programming and arbitrary code today an application such as crypto fights and Duro dogs have shown the scalable user from the network for readers applications to the stats protocol is used to create smart contracts be spoken and enforced the persistence of those tokens with optimized and minimal code size we hope we do have a bit more contacts on the stats to open then we have sensible contracts.

Chain bitcoin script

which is a medium on-chain bitcoin script and forced to open which is billed with S. script language we cannot you’re going to find more details on the sensible contract we have Ellis still couldn’t which uses the meta concept to create private permissioned ledgers for modest major issue in soft token on BSP blockchain then we have taken a nice protocol which is open source application layer protocol that would utilize the bitcoin S. we network for you know passing authenticating and storing. For various messages next we have a simple fabric protocol it is for the token as the name indicates a straightforward protocol was just a bluff so it can act took in capabilities to your apps if you want to get the B. S.

we can just click over here you will come to the speech and in this section, you’re going to see very solid leads from which you can purchase your B. as we took on by kat so, for instance, we have coined gate so when I click over here I can create myself an account login before it and get some B. S. sweet organs this is the Twitter page and as you can see they have made up deeds about the new stuff they are working on so definitely keep an eye on it we’re all a bit corn as we look quite promising so I’m really excited to see how it turns out.

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