Best personal growth/ self help book you should read in 2022?

In this video below are my top 5 best self-improvement books for men everything from dating and relationships, breaking bad habits of motivation finding meaning and purpose in life. Definitely, there’s something here for everyone. What’s a provincial hear from you because I think I’ve just looked better and ultimately be better in 2 days? They gotta go right to the top 5 self-improvement books before then. I’ll be sure to leave each book link in the description. I’ll be using the books here on audible as a reference because you have to do committee.

Subtle art of not giving a ****

let’s jump into it book number 1 on this list is the subtle art of not giving a **** this is an iconic book when it comes to self improvement in the whole self development feel of what I love about this book it is a very light weight on audible it is only going to be around 5:00 hours and 17 minutes to be precise it is very easy to pick up here talk a lot about dispelling myths in the self improvement field what really matters personal responsibility after it really just felt a lot of the nonsense out there really gives good practical advice and there’s a lot of stories behind it.

with the author is going to his personal life is definitely an excellent book. If it is very late, you can always come back to it. I personally have ordered the past couple years into like 45 times a year and it’s definitely 1 of the easier books to get into here into definitely excellent foundation if you’re confused on where to begin in self improvement really how to focus on what really matters and not focusing on a lot of the nonsense in gimmicks that are a lot of times in the general needs.

12 Rules for Life

Number 21 This is 1 of my absolute favorite books of all time. It is Jordan Peterson’s 12 Rules for Life. Over the past couple years. I literally go back to this book once every few months when I’m just sitting here and they just do my thing just listen to it. I know I may be biased because I’ve regional 40 rules-for-life posters here, which honestly, just like it’s like a little mantra to read. You know, whenever I get around to it, but this book, I love it so much because it is an onion. Every time you go back to the book you can peel back another layer and intake something else from it.

This is for me, this is like the Swiss army knife of some who because this week something here you can write me a personal responsibility. Find meaning in life, work out personal issues to find out what matters and what doesn’t, and where you should be focusing your time and how to live your life as the best person you can be without being nihilistic. A creature thinks everything you do is meaningless. In the book, it is not about you finding what makes you happy. It is how to find meaning and purpose in your life.

The epitome of practicality

So it’s actually worth you putting in the effort to write another book in a little bit longer and it is a little bit more of a difficult read, so it’s not really ready for everyone. If you really like to delve into things that are going to go beyond the surface, this is definitely an excellent option for you. That’s also one of my favorites. Number 3 on this list is the epitome of practicality. That is, atomic habits. I love the timing of it so much because it is all about breaking bad habits and forming new habits. I may be a little bit simplistic, but this book is so practical because it takes you through a step-by-step process on how to identify gratitude. You can break bad habits and form new habits, and how to stick to those new habits.

And I love this so much because it’s super practical. It is again a little longer side but I think if you want to get through once or twice you can skip to the introduction conclusion trappers and just go back into the meat potatoes of it with an absolute functionality in there are steps along the way 4. Everything is backed by psychology and neuroscience. who you’re actually getting something practical in the you can actually apply in real life and you know what to base that has some substance behind it. I love this so much because you’re gonna start to look at everything you do and start to piece it together.

Influence your habits

What it teaches you about how, for example, your setting can influence your habits, how you’re sitting on the trigger. How there’s just so much like. for example if you have a chair where you beat your beat. and you’re always going to so see that chair for beating your meat if you want to get past because we’ll be getting rid of the chair or rearranging the room could build a new traders association for not doing that I know use that. As like a like a new meme example, but definitely goes nicely with book number 4 on this list and that is why book your brain on porn. No, this book is basically where the whole no-fact movement started. This book is extremely interesting because it tells a lot about internet culture and the rise of internet **** use and how this is actually detrimental to health.

If anybody actually knows about fed, they know about the book, but it definitely pairs nicely with the previous one. Because this is all about one specific thing that could be impacting a lot of emails .especially young males right now, including that one number 3 atomic has definitely looks work great together. and there’s a lot of overlap when it comes to breaking habits and form new good habits and a lot of nervousness love psychology. Here this book is a little bit more lax, a lot more talking about internet culture alone, personal stories about people struggling with a porn addiction. Here and this is a great book. And this is something that you are struggling with. I know it’s common. but it’s just not reported on because it seems like still like a very taboo subject.

Breaking habits

Well, whatever that means, because apparently everybody’s talking. comfortable talking about problems that don’t exist, a problem that does exist, they just, you know, people care about. That’s my little right, but this is definitely an excellent option that you can use. This very need very specific and I can hear nicely with all the books on this list, especially Atomic happened in the fifth and final book. This is all about dating and relationships. And boy, the title is a doozy and I sounds like clickbait. But are you sure it’s not women’s scientifically proven secrets from the local apple that women really want? Yeah, this book may seem like it is some crappy dating coach marketing thing, but it is really not. This is 40 years of couples counseling and psychology by 2 psychologists that set up.

basically like the call of the love lab, but it’s basically like a couples therapy clinic. This is 40 years of data collected together on the biggest problems people face in the real world. It is willing to be a nice short guy that’s like only 44 maybe 5:00 hours long. This is easy to read, there are some humorous elements, very humanizing, and the great thing is in this book. it takes you from step by step by step. from all your dating relation. from approach to basic conversations to dating to maintaining a long-term rise, to having satisfied sex. This is definitely a very useful book. It’s very practical, there is no flaw for crap in it.

Written based on their 40 years of research.

Everything is based on some study that they conducted or another book that they’ve written based on their 40 years of research. It’s definitely an awesome book there. Yes, that is my top 5 best self-improvement books. 4 minutes of quick list of my top 5 different books. I’ve read multiple times when back to indefinitely more in the full self improvement initially. Guys enjoys remitted this permission to drop like a subscribe to challenge me to this point of the. I can tell you way more serious dressing better, looking better and being better here.

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