Advise entrepreneurs need to know when launch a business?

Monies that number one is big strapping cement shoal starting off with. Since your own time effort and money to see if the concept of your business is out of date you want to validate your idea before you can either cut take it to a French countries and the main reason for this is control for may’s controls I and what business I don’t have. But to get this money I don’t have all the fun money and it means I keep control of my business which is really great for me it means I can send you have freedom to work when I want to point I want to invest on set to investors can choose how I run my business but for me that’s great it might not be good for everyone I said Gee I think strapping you’re starting a business today the Japanese press what’s it it’s never been easier or cheaper to start your own business we need is a laptop. Internet connection even you can do Instagram and audience and you can start actually starting a business I. Mindset tip number one is to boot strap your business site day recovering business ideas and business minds since doing so putting up yourself up by your own bootstraps investing the time energy and money the ticket number to start your own business and mind set pieces and 2 is since it’s starting small and I’ve been going big so what do I mean by this ascension to test your business idea so you don’t put loads of money into the concept of the audience for you tested smokes you wanna be testament to my contest go to. Your friends or family or people you know who and testing the idea is that gonna work festival before investing loads of money into this business all right there. So this was a big mindset change for me and yes send testing smoke and it’s never been easy just Facebook professor got out and see if that’s gonna work if you can or just a piece of paper sign up sheets are just essentially going to test the idea before you start investing a whole lot of money into. This is I think that may not work hasn’t tests are about testing the idea of focusing away from what doesn’t what to what does works testament idea making sure it works smoothly and then essentially making sure that my idea what state sucks concept number 2 so since yes and once you’ve got a business idea what small then you can test and refine and. Bill.idea up yourself to actual concept all the pieces is going to generate profits which is the whole point of a business so business is. Taking away pain from someone or providing massive precious that’s essentially what op profit and that’s what this is step 3 is 80 percent of the stuff you do isn’t gonna work and for me that was quite a pizza peel to smaller because you kind of think that you have this idea that you created I think it’s going to be some kind of revolution I did actually you have to understand that most of the stuff you do isn’t gonna what I’m understanding HM stuff isn’t gonna work yeah understanding that no income to. Upset it’s not working and it’s just testing the fun exciting the good news is 20 percent of the stock will will work and then it’s using that they took by the 8020 principle separates a good school all of the possibilities sorry HM stuff you do you want what thanks in on the 20 first 20 center stuff does work and yet doubling down $0.20 at 61 what’s that 20 percent of your business successful and then since doing more of that create more value for other people just kind of an optimist in long G. son stashed specially an entrepreneur business which doesn’t mean. You’re doing something new doesn’t test for aids center quite risky in the short term and the long term so it’s never been a better time to start your own business never been a better time to decorate your product or service that you can offer to the market save. Sign even state. Are scared to start your own business box yes the biggest question and see what all the charges no it’s the biggest place where your time energy and effort you can go into that if it’s that much on the weekend that might be our system is what is the biggest upside to. Since I’m limited value credit resisting a Facebook rest you started some Norman mark mark Zuckerberg’s dorm I never saw that massive say. Today you have because of G. star in the business 7 yes because that’s points 3 plus 20 percent of the things you do what but then again a string of things do you want what and understanding.has announced the night he got a kind of almost hate hate hate hate of it not what it’s about testing refining and. Taking what does work I mean come crazy. So that is tip number 3 the building was more. Not since you’ve got a condom see you soon and I think it’s a kind of back to back even it’s not a business so come back to kind of the evolution all star when sex is not the face of the survivors the one second changed much since I’m in the business of changing it and adding value and kind of evolving over time Google com always busy so I thought I was making initially is different to what is in stock. Dialect things happen not correct of ours happens on US 99 you have to kind of have that mind shift second shift on to my original plans for money tips was to get people into green and teach them how to invest well see things a corona virus means that things always not gonna work out so you’re having that kind of mentality the mindset that you can change I’m focusing on the 20 percent of things do what. 134 is your business isn’t a job so if you’re starting a business it’s not a joke and you’re going to think differently than a job search not 9 to 5 job where you go to work and you get paid for your time best of century when I was in the corporate world once you have your job you do you can you get kind of hard to decide what you can kind of go in and. Senti clock watch almost a lot of people know you do that and yes and she tied up at the right time to leave and you’re gonna get hi as announced knows as a business owner this is not the way business works of course you get paid. As announced as a presenter for the the value that you create so you get paid for solving people’s problems giving people value and getting the results and what the results you crave what problems are you solving it’s not about putting in the hours I think a mindset shift change for. This isn’t a job your you get paid on the result she cut you get paid how much. Other people not jobs it’s getting paid to create value money is the outcome of setting up a number of different systems. I’m fighting results about us and that kind of money buy the book millennial money mindset if you on the streets you need the roots it’s a 5 step method to getting money mindset. The. It is.

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