The BIG Opportunity In Palm Oil Stocks In 2022.

I guess I’ll go back no, well, we are looking so much into palm oil stocks when there are other alternatives in the market. This, for example, is your energy? It’s in coal mining and as we know commodity prices across the board have been rising, so why not explore Jew Energy for coal mining affiliation? Well, how about this Fortrose Maduro index I N. all play. These 2 are also companies to examine, but I think the palm-always story is there are a few companies involved. It’s much easier to see big industry trends there, like for myself, the easier bet to make is about 5000000 public companies, the first is will mark. They do it upstream and downstream.

Golden Agri also does both upstream and downstream first resources, Indoor Agri and Booming Agri. I see the cover in a later video, which is my preferred, so do specials of quite a few. Do not eat, we’re serving up the interest, you continue watching on. 

Strong Earnings For Palm Oil Companies In 2022

To the wheel discussing the big picture, I see strong earnings for each of these companies because they all read these results in February. Base price to book value expansion is something I teach all my costs. I realize that he’s coming across as good. I agree as always. But meantime I agree, and the also nowhere close to being stretched in those the price to book value against historical figures. So even though you’ve been stranded out in recent weeks. I still think we are not at the peak of the cycle.

Do not know this point of viewing it, is it off much? I don’t know when you’re viewing this because commodities are a cycle and if you view these 6 months down the road. Things could look very different. ready. But my gut feeling is now offering an opportunity that, you know, I don’t conspicuously do all the time or so I feel now.

The number one importer of sunflower oil is India.

 There is a good reason we waste time and that’s why I’ve deployed substantial amounts of my own capital, into this particular sector. I’ll be back a bit, but let’s start with the big picture overview of why commodities are important, and why palm in particular. You could produce something caught sunflower seeds. This can be crushed for oil and give useful cooking. And the number one importer of sunflower oil is India. The import 3.$1000000000 worth, and if you create a crucial supply. You know, I phone or something, but you create in the middle of Ukraine, that is. Goldilocks gold, you can tell me that we would buy it’s wet, it’s relatively good fall planting and that’s why they have a lot of crops growing up right there. You can also provide a loft and call on over here.

Largest Producer of sunflower oil is Russia

China depends on whether you prefer some corn and Netherlands also depends on dental call-on. Bolick to put discussion back to sunflower oil. This is a subcontractor taking notice of the big picture things globally. As humankind, we consume a lot of different kinds of oil. Palm is the most that we consume. Second last repeat oil, soybean oil and sunflower oil, because palm or get a tree a soft doll. The second most edible or do we consume is the purple one sunflower oil. Let me give you some backdrop of the sunflower oil you create. You are a key producer of it, in fact, producing 46 percent of sunflower oil to the world. I guess it was number 2 on the list of largest producers of sunflower oil, that is Russia.

Someone did a will once the sanctions were lifted, and not by to supply all the ducks played. Ross is probably not too keen to sell their softball or in any case so that means 70 percent of total sunflower oil is off the market.

 And if we refer to the rich out of here. You realize that debt easily makes up the 10 percent bulldoze talkies of cooking oil from the will. You think 10 percent is not such a big deal. But that means also with the albeit against each other to get 90 percent of all the remaining stocks. so that if you close this price pressure. The other thing to know about planting and harvesting is that you can’t plan today and harvest the Margaret. We have all been 2 size classes. We understand it and run all the problems of crops. This is only going before this year because Ukraine farmers can plant, which means nexus crops are likely going to be tracked. That short supply may be here to stay for a while. 

North America also produces sunflower oil but that consumption is merely domestic in U. S. and Canada

So wasting, you’re going to get a sample. All you may be thinking is great questions, and it’s like that except for those with a lot of holding off commodities. Before we get to this check, the venue’s metal-like button is to call the palace bad. This presentation is for you, and hopefully, we’ve taken some suggestions. I’ve invested in some parts of the wealth into Colmar, the ideas that are the best defense.

We can go to other markets and see all the ways that the prices are going up. All we can do is be smart by investing in commodities. Players right now to hedge ourselves and as well as profit from supply-demand imbalances of losing voters question commodity prices cost inflation, not the other way around, which means inflation does not cost increments in commodity prices. But debt may not be true because everything is from different perspectives. This is how things work. You don’t produce a country, so usually developing economies, great Indonesia brings you to create.

Domestic inflation

 And in the off-site for the own domestic inflation, they also result in such things, which is the hot dell products to sell locally, all to prevent inflation for food from coming too much into the outlook markets. That is why I did, you know, in December 2001, keep his own call, and re-exports. Russia also ramped up, yeah, wheat export restriction, and also to maintain his domestic supply. Not every country is thinking about sending, why should I sell to the world when I have the invasion so heavy I need to make sure that my people get enough supply to drive that food inflation down.

When Johnny was by the well. We have to all be because the rest of the double less money but more crops well. Basically, anything that is edible is going to be up simply because the crime sticks behind the results. I don’t think that when some thought he’s not dead people would change to the other oyster cheese, soybean oil canola oil and more importantly, Pomeroy. And that’s why we have to go in this because the depot on Pomeroy, but before getting started, let me show you something on Indonesia’s grandparents. President Jokowi has mentioned that he plans to cook exports in 41 days.

How To Reduce domestic inflation?

They could help domestic inflation, for one, and secondly, are, more important. The goal is to make Indonesia, not export, the off-raw commodities but processed commodities. I did move up the value chain to create more jobs beyond just farming, so there is a very noble drive, but he may or may not come true because they will put pressure on the initiate self. India has asked Indonesia to raise the palm oil supply because they are now unable to get sunflower oil. Does not mention India depends on you could for sunflower oil. In the NDS previously said he wants to slowly cut back on palm oil. But right now is to go back into a sauce that you want to cut originally. 

Reduction Of taxes on crude palm oil imports.

India’s even reduction of taxes on crude palm oil imports from some point 15 percent to 5 percent. It is just an example of consumers right now needing to look for alternative sources, and Pomeroy fits the bill. They shot the show some flaws or can be resolved diversity to cook people see to fry food. If you agree with me that this trend my purse is full of all the smash-the-like buttons. Now let’s touch on a very important point: has the palm already been too excessive? I’d ask you mall room swipe to appreciate if you let this child over here from first resources realize that they did a recall performance with an average CPO price of about 1139 US dollars that looks to be about 4900 ringgits.

 I do see the recent prices, we’ll see people, you realize that it’s whole wheat pasta 5000 even plastics 0 ready. As long as prices are above 5000 Paul, my company is seen. You recall profits again for this year even. With this hot over here you see something that crude palm oil which is C. P. prices have increased by more than 20 percent just in the last one year. At an all-time high right now, the first part of PC seems to be scary to enter by voice, suggesting that we need to understand why the dynamics of things, the squeeze is real. This is a lot more call marked the release of the deals right now.

To show you all-time highs does not mean we need to stay out for sure because you get squeezed. He shoots up in a break that could spell by nothing, and stays indefinitely high. As humankind notified replacements, we ought we not to solve bottlenecks. But the bottleneck can be solved in at least a few months. 

Dividends that are a good sign

China said he mentioned the release of those vests for infantry. So the more supply that can be coming in the second hospital, does it bring it to boil about from now to June? Is there a window with crude palm oil that could get squeezed into the prices? I tried to suggest so, and I am going to look at a sell agricultural companies right now. From the price-earnings perspective is much cheaper than converting you say, listing U.S. One example is Archer Daniels Midland. You can check it out we’ve got to go E. D. M.

I believe all sectors of food but just ran out, and the case to make now is to hatch, and by when the squeezes through ongoing not-do lead 3 months later, with prices of the stocks of the company and the turn that’s pasta P. greedy sorting recovery within my suggestion makes sense in this article, we do I’ll be sure if you many of all public companies I see raising. 

Good, I’ll have more than tripled his dividend from 24021. They are not touching 1.6, or 5 Singapore cents per share in dividends, that easy works. I’ll be a 5 percent dividend to you. Existing but it’s good. I agree that is not the only one reason dividends are, which is why I’m very optimistic about the near prospects of public companies. If you provide the right with you, the chef in a later video smashes off, quiets, gets notified, weighs release, even a question. You have a comment section and also.

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