Online Certifications That Will Boost Your Digital Marketing Career.

I’m going to go over the top 5 online certifications that are worth it. Online certifications have blown up, especially in the last few years. You’re seeing these videos online, getting millions of views in a matter of a few months. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Not all certifications are rainbows and butterflies. Some of them are great and others aren’t really going to make that much of a difference in your professional life. I’m going to go over which ones are worth it based on my own personal experience, and the experience of others I know, as well as data that I collected online.

Google project management

On the list is going to be Google project management. Now this is a Google career certification, and Google certificates are so good that even the Bureau of Labor Statistics is starting to promote them. Now this is an entry level beginner certificate. You don’t have to have a lot of experience to get value out of this. The courses are 100 percent online. The schedule is extremely flexible, and on top of that it takes around 6 months to complete. Although most people say they complete them, and more like one or two months now. This certificate training consists of 6 different courses

All of them are rated 4.8 stars or above. You start with foundations of project management, then you move to project initiation, starting a successful project, project planning and project execution than agile project management in the capstone course as applying project management in the real world. So yeah, project management is a great career to go into, a great skill for you to know in general.

IBM data science certifications

Taking the certification can help you either make a lateral career change or get your foot in the door. The next one is going to be the IBM data science certifications. Now for this one there are 12 different highly qualified instructors that are going to help teach you data science, and they claim that 30 percent of people who finish their certification and. I’m starting a new career path in data science now. They say that it takes about 11 months to complete. However, again, most people can complete these faster.

It is a beginner level certificate, you don’t need to have much experience to start. A lot of these certificates were created by companies like IBM and Google because they were extremely frustrated with the lack of knowledge of people who were graduating from colleges. Colleges were teaching people outdated information, that they did not need to know in the workplace. However, these certifications are typically exactly what you need to know and the skills that are valuable and sought after by employees right now. The first two that I talked about were beginner level certifications, but you also have intermediate and advanced certifications that are offered.

AI tensorflow developer professional certificate

One example of an intermediate certification is going to be the next one on the list which is the deep learning AI tensorflow developer professional certificate. Now, TensorFlow is a popular open source machine learning framework. It can be used to train neural networks, as you can imagine this would be something valuable to know if you get into augmented or virtual reality. According to them, about 32 percent of people who completed the certification ended up switching to a new career path.

Which you would assume has something to do with A. I. tensorflow, and they say that it takes about 4 months to complete with about 5:00 hours per week. But again, probably less than that. Now I’m going to focus more on beginner-level certifications because the intermediate and advanced certifications are typically for people who are already in careers. Intermediate and advanced certifications are usually for keeping your knowledge up to date, getting a raise, or switching the career that you end into a different one.

Google data analytics certification

The next on the list is going to be the Google data analytics certification. This is another beginner-level certification. It takes about 6 months to complete with 10:00 hours of work per week, but again, probably more like 2 to 3 months. There is a massive demand for people who have skills with data analytics, especially here in the United States. There’s about 337000 job openings, and you get paid around 67 for each. $0 a year, and that’s for an entry-level salary. They also claim that 75 percent of people who completed the certification report over a 6 month period did help them with their career.

Google IT support professional certificate

The next one on the list, at number one, is going to be the one that, in my opinion, is likely to help you get an entry-level job even if you don’t have a college degree. Now, I’m not saying by any means that these certifications replace a college degree. That would be like comparing apples to oranges. It just wouldn’t make any sense at all. For one, a college degree typically takes 4 to 5 years. Where is the certification claim that they take 6 months but they usually take just a few. A better comparison would be 4 years worth of certifications versus a college degree.

But even in that case it would still be an apples-to-oranges comparison. But these certifications are getting more and more popular. They’re teaching people skills, they’re helping people stay up to date, and companies really like to see people who take initiative and learn on their own. So the Google IT support professional certificate is one that I’ve seen lots and lots of reviews on and almost all of them are positive, so whether you don’t have experience in I. T.

You’re just trying to get into it or maybe you’re just trying to see if you’re interested in I. T. in the first place. If you do have a degree but you want to make your resume look even better or you’re currently working in IT, and you want to show your employer that you are actively learning and keeping up to date on your skills these types of certifications can help you with all of those different situations.

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